Summer at the sunny plateau

Go with the bicycles on one of the beautiful bicycle tracks in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ...

Sommer auf dem SonnenplateauSommer auf dem Sonnenplateau

or simply admire the gorgeous flowers...

Peaks of 3000-meter & glaciers within reach

You may conquer the peaks of 3000-meter named "Furgler" and "Hexenkopf" plus experience the inner alpine glaciers (e.g. Weißseeferner / Kaunertal). More than 50 hiking trails of the region around the sunny plateau are optimally marked. An accurate map of trails will inform you detailed.

Dreitausender und Gletscher in GriffweiteDreitausender und Gletscher in Griffweite

Excellent childcare opportunities make Fiss to one of the top places for family holiday – during winter as well as during summer.


Enjoy the barbecues we arrange for you and our other guests!


Summer spezial


The following services are included in the visitor's tax of 2,60 € for each adult per day:

  • free use of the mountain railways Serfaus- Fiss- Ladis
  • alpine shuttle: You may use the free bus to oscillate between the towns Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis
  • and the kids may participate in theMini & Maxi Club

Sommer Schneewelt Fiss

Summer - Snowworld

Climate change vice versa!!!
Tell me, is it already winter again? The new Summer-Snowworld on the Möseralm in Fiss opens up the possibility for snowball fights in midsummer.
Here the kids will find the cooling, they have dreamt of on many a hot summer day in the mountains. The magic carpet (conveyor band) brings every child comfortably uphill, there the kids can choose on which of the two tubing courses they're going to rush downhill. Other Highlights of the Summer-Snowworld in Fiss are an igloo and a snow carousel.


New since summer 2007



In this giant swing up to 6 persons at the some time may feel the absence of gravity, while a 12 meter free fall or with a speed of about 65 km/h floating between heaven and earth only a few meters above the ground.


New since summer 2006

Fisser Flitzer

Fisser Flitzer

The "Fisser Flitzer" is a top-class toboggan run. It was one of the most successful summer attractions of the last year.

Fisser Flieger
Fisser Flieger

Put on the pilot's vest, fasten the seatbelt, go to pole position and go! The feeling of agitation dominates at the take off. Adrenalin comes up and then everything happens really fast. The Fisser Flieger is an aircraft similar to a racy double decker. It carries four persons, accelerats fast and sweeps at a top speed of 80 km/h over the Möseralm. You will land safe at the valley station of the Fisser Flieger. A test pilot of the Fisser mountain railways reported: "Anybody who did it once will become a recidivist. And the second time you'll take friends with you, since it is supposed to be fun as well." The next summer will come most certainly.

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